About The Project

This project is to create the written history of post production in and around Soho in the UK. I am going to hopefully do this by interviewing those involved in the industry past and present and get the personal story of the industry, hopefully back to its beginnings, before NLE, HD, SDI and a host of other accronyms were even thought of.

The idea for this project came about for two reasons.

Firstly, I’ve never managed to find anyone who could give me an answer as to why Post Prodution is so focused in Soho. Yes there were arguments regarding the film houses on Wardour Street, and the whole place once upon a time having cheap property prices, but never once have I heard a definitive answer. Furthermore, I couldn’t really find anyone anywhere who had a decent handle on who built what first and why. On top of this, whilst there are lots of online resource detailing film and TV studio history, the history of VT  at the BBC etc etc (all on the links page if you are so inclined) there is nothing on the history of post.

Secondly, I am a total History geek, I have just completed an Open University degree in History and on a professional level am never happier than when walking round old facilities or seeing pictures of post houses past. Ask the guys I work with, it baffles them almost daily.